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29 September 2006 @ 04:25 pm
Our home  
This is us now. Sitting at our table on the mall, watching the world walk by, talking to folks, cooking rice, talking some more. Though the end is nigh, and we're starting to get itchy feet to get outta here and have a big burger, this has become my home, somewhat.

I slept well every night, with my fancy poofy sleeping bag that Julie gave me (thanks!), on the mat that Lee lent me (cheers), with Jennica's dufflebag as pillow (yeh). What a community effort this has been.... Taylor is saying just now "i'm almost going to miss this" - we raised so much money for the savedarfur.org network (have enough, finally and for the first time ever, to buy those badly sought-after T-Shirts in advance for our next event without someone having to fork out their miserable little cashcard), got tons new email addresses for our club, the Evergreen adopted us and our cause and wrote article after article on Darfur and the urgency to act now... all of this, and we had fun.

Mission accomplished.