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27 September 2006 @ 10:13 am
Well this morning I am feeling much better, almost chipper! It's kind of surprising to myself that this has happened, especially after yesterday evening. I don't know about Eric and Jutta, but I know the 4 of us in my tent got a good night's sleep even despite the noise, since Taylor, Corey, and myself woke up at 8:45!!! I'm actually surprised at the fact that we don't really smell (from what I can tell...haha) and I thought my hair would just be this nasty thing  but it's actually okay so far.

Last night we got a surprise visitor/fellow camper, Zach. He was totally ready to spend the night outside and we were totally excited to get someone new!

The international fair is setting up on the middle of the mall for today as well, so it will be fun, kind of like having neighbors for a while today. Also, someone told me there wouldn't be food cooking, so that is also kind of a small relief! ;)

It's still really hard to get used to everyone staring at me when I sit here at the table trying to get work done. I feel like an exhibit or something, so I've taken to not paying attention to people unless they are right in front of me. Maybe that's rude, but it's the only way I'm going to get anything done around here!!! :)

It was really hard to eat dinner last night...I was so hungry but after eating the beans, I couldn't get through much of the rice. Today will be my first day eating lunch so we'll see how that goes.

My knee is doing a bit better, at the end of the day it always is pretty sore but this morning so far i'm not even feeling any pain! :)
27 September 2006 @ 08:39 am
For every negative person...there's at least 10 positive ones. But the negative ones are easy to remember.

Today I woke up to a very loud voice outside our tent saying "Well, people in Darfur don't have TENTS, they don't have POWER, they don't have CHAIRS.." etc. etc.

I stuck my head out to look at them and they just kept walking/going...

We aren't stupid enough to think that we are actually simulating Darfurian refugees. We are simulating DISPLACEMENT from our homes. Obviously Darfurian refugees don't have power, but without power how are we supposed to promote our awareness to the campus, and how am I supposed to keep our website up to date for everyone? In addition, we made it clear we would continue to do our schoolwork (which also requires electricity) and continue our jobs.

We are doing the best we can with our tents, diet restrictions, no showers, etc.

So please don't come around just to harrass and discourage us. Why not join us and prove us wrong?
24 September 2006 @ 11:10 pm
Here i am, sitting with my last tin of sherbert. By midnight i have to stop eating and drinking my normal diet. I can't believe WSU let us do this (don't they have any mercy and cancel the whole thing on us?) - i'm scared to death of freezing to death, but of course i won't - it'll be a rather small price to pay for some increased attention to Darfur and to the people there whose lives are so much more difficult and scary and dreadful than my next 5 days. I'm actually very happy; it's been a frantic last few weeks, getting this stunt off the ground. Am totally proud of the group; what amazing teamwork, yet again.. everyone put in so much ellbow grease and love and care. And Eric and Erin, our two new allies from the Progressive Student Union, totally rock too, writing posters till late at night. Now I only hope we'll have enough press coverage, and enough people who will ask us questions on Sudan and what Darfur is (or who - ?!). It'll be worth it. Another quick sip and then off to my warm bed..
26 September 2006 @ 09:04 pm
Well, i love and i hate this. Am totally craving to go somewhere else; not because i don't like being here, but just to have a change of scenery - and that after 2 days on the mall!!! Thank god the weather is great - someone must be looking out for us in this; it would be dreadful if we were trying to hand out flyers and getting people to sign our petitions in the pouring rain..

The people who come up and ask questions about Darfur are great, and it makes my day to answer questions and get into a discussion about what we can do - and then i find it hard to do my homework and write my papers on time for class (always late, always late..) when folks are standing across the street, laughing, doing school projects, shouting at each other. Suppose that's just a tiny bit of a taste of what it's like to lose your home. Gosh, I'm 2 days in and am already secretly hoping i get kidnapped or voted off this stunt!

Today i started asking for sponsorship from my profs and friends - and was amazed at the goodwill and support. We get nice comments overall from people who try to encourage us to keep going (and then there's always the one that tries to tell us about their recent camping trip that was 'also great' - mate, have a bowl of rice with us, and a slab of deodorant for 5 days, will ya..:). Tonight Craig, my advisor prof, came to visit our camp with his two boys, just to keep us company. That was just amazing. Made me feel like a person with a home almost. That's a really nice feeling.
26 September 2006 @ 07:52 pm
I finally broke out the camera again, and took some pics of the campsite, sunset, and got some pics off of Jutta's camera as well.

Things are a little more tense today, as everyone is really quite crabby, myself included. I feel bad because my shirt has the question "Why am I living on the mall?" but my face says "Ask me and die!"

Here are the pics!Collapse )
26 September 2006 @ 07:34 pm
This is an email that Monique from the Evergreen forwarded to me, so it brings some encouragement to us. :)

Please convey my deep gratitude and joy to the students involved in this wonderfully appropriate effort.

It is through tears of joy, admiration and relief that I read your fine article.

I've been on round the clock vigil for Darfur since May 14th and since July 4th have fasted a total of 56 days water only in an attempt to communicate fully my mandate for definitive action to end the Genocide, and to model an appropriately committed response to Genocide.

Just when I am starting to despair that others will "act like it is Genocide" up pops your article.

God bless your hearts.  Let us stay the course, infect others with appropriate levels of humanity, and END THE GENOCIDE, NOW.

Tell me if there is any way that I can help.

Brother Jay

26 September 2006 @ 06:41 pm
today sucked. plain and simple.
i think i would have been really upset at the end of today even if i wasn't living in a camp. although..i'm sure that's a large part of it.

i just want to go home. not to eat, not to take a shower, just to sit there and not have to be on display anymore. i want to be able to not have to use crutches to get around. and by home i more mean my parent's house than our apartment...seeing as corey and brittany are here.

today in class a guy said to me, "do you really think that you're going to make a difference?" and i said "well, i hope in the long run...maybe not directly in Darfur, but maybe on campus to raise awareness or get people to actually do something..." and he said "well, i don't think that will work."
who says something like that. i mean, you're entitled to your opinion, and it's not like i think that me sacrificing my showers is going to magically get the UN to intervene, but don't fault me for trying to do what i can in my own small way. it's just really frustrating.

although, for every negative person there have been 5 interested and concerned people. (see next post) so maybe we are doing something, getting attention, whatever. however the two day slump has set in for sure.

now i am going to keep working on that essay i started last night.
26 September 2006 @ 10:18 am
No pictures yet...I brought out the camera this morning and everyone looked like they were going to punch me if I turned it on! Haha.

I am totally drained, energy-wise. Sleeping wasn't so bad, except that there were very loud trucks right outside our tents around 5am and then someone was VACUUMING the CONCRETE next to us. Yes, apparently concrete needs vaccuuming. At 5 am.

In class today, the guy next to me was eating crackers...it was tortuous. Then, I went to take a drink and spilled scalding hot tea all over my (white) shirt that I have to wear all week. Brilliant!

The good news is we are making people think about Darfur. People stare at us, think we're weird; whatever, as long as they consider our cause. So that's good.

Back to homework.
25 September 2006 @ 08:41 pm
wow. i was pretty hungry for dinner. since corey and i had forgone lunch we got to eat first. we thought (sadly mistaken as we were), that it would be tasty because we were so hungry. BOY WERE WE WRONG. about 5 bites in corey and i were ready to be through. I choked down my portion and we decided we have to split it up tomorrow to be able to eat. it's a little more chilly now, but not too bad. weather was wonderful today. :) We're in the shade all day too.

tomorrow is going to be a long day. i caaan't wait. it took me 30 minutes to hobble down to work today. I am really ready to be off of my crutches.

we were totally just hassled by the police. he asked who was in charge and immediately everyone points at me. haha, thanks guys!
actually that's pretty cool that we've seen them around here because it makes us feel safe.

now i'm bored. i should start my 2 essays due this week since everyone else is doing homework.
25 September 2006 @ 07:53 pm
wow. we're at the end of day one. the adrenaline kept us going for so much longer than i had expected - we hardly finished our rice and beans for dinner, and i'm not even all that cold. am mightily chuffed about all the attention we've been getting today; people came up to the tables and asked us what this is all about, and a good few seemed genuinely interested. i live for that stuff, just like Erin said last night. the posters and the death toll tickers look great, if such a thing can be said about people dying as we walk through this week. hope tomorrow there'll be more folks who want to email or call their politicians, and more potential new club members... for now, i'm shattered.