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Five for Five

A Refugee's Experience

Five For Five!
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Five officers of STAND with Social Responsibility at WSU will be living on the Glen Terrell Mall for five days (September 25-29th), just like refugees that have been ousted from their homes. Their goal in this is to raise awareness about the September 30th ending of the African Union mandate in the Darfur region of Sudan, which is unlikely to be succeeded by a UN peace keeping force, deemed by many experts to be a much more effective precondition for peace in this region. More than two million exiled people continue to live with hardly any protection from the government-sponsored killer squads that have been ravaging this region since 2003. Every month, well over 10,000 people die because of the ongoing conflict (that’s about half of Pullman’s student population).

The students will be sleeping outside and making conditions of their stay as close as possible to those of the Darfur refugee camps in order to promote awareness about the genocide occurring and the millions of people displaced by the conflict. The group will be limiting their diet to about 1,100 calories a day and live in tents 24 hours a day while still attending classes and working. They will be blogging about their experiences in a daily diary available on their website, www.fiveforfive.net.

Every day at 12:30pm, there will be a brief presentation on different aspects of the Darfur crisis and its background, with an opportunity for questions and discussion. Visitors of the makeshift camp will be able to read briefs on the current situation in Darfur and sign up for pressure campaigns in aid of the people in Darfur.