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29 September 2006 @ 09:39 am
Well we made the front page again! :) There was some really good coverage this week between the paper and the web features, so we would just really like to say a big thank you to the Daily Evergreen for being so supportive of our endeavor.

I'm also going to say thank you (whether or not they are reading this...) to everyone who has stopped by and asked us about what we are doing, the kind words of encouragement, the friends who have come to visit, and those who have been self-motivated to read about what's going on themselves. I would also like to thank the Anthro department in College Hall for letting us use their building this week.

last night our group was in pretty high spirits, and we also had the chance to go see Arun Ghandi speak. He was very inspirational and a nice close to this week.